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Phone System & VOIP

We understand the dependance on traditional PBX analogue services for many businesses, and with the upcoming merger of digital and analogue telephony via BT's 21CN roll out, some companies are bound to be contented with their current analogue services...So if you require the features of a digital system, but are restricted to an analogue line, we have the solution for you!

- Effective telephony system for more than 5 Telephones.
- Quick solution for your business needs.

Ultra high quality digital calling is available with our ISDN telephone systems. ISDN gives you more options on your business telecoms, with up to 30 available channels per system and optional data capabilities. Connect up your whole office with an ISDN system and let your company feel the benefits of super high quality voice calling.

- High quality calling for more than 5 telephones.
- Seamless networking for your organisational needs.

For the most advanced technology in telephone services, our IP enabled systems allow businesses to utilize their internet connectivity to create a quality voice calling solution, that is as cost effective as it is practical. Benefit from both voice and data services over an IP network, with advanced QoS that allows you to prioritise your voice services, over data to make for the perfect voice calling experience. Our IP telephone systems are packed with exciting features that will revolutionise the functionality of your business communication.

- Calling abroad from 1p/Min
- Cost effective telephony solution
- Suitable for small and large businesses
- Low Cost Calls to Landlines and Mobiles Nationwide

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