Many businesses have undergone a lot changes especially in the area of work flow and customer interaction. Communication happens to be an important aspect of this process. No business or establishment can truly stand if there is a communication lag between the company and her customers or even among staffs. Having a reliable phone line is usually a precursor to meeting customer interest and ensuring smooth workflow practices among employees. If you are looking for the best communication solution, then you are in the right place.

        DIGICOM Telecom offers a superior network that carries all your business calls, both local and international, which ensures you have the best digital experience at an affordable rate. By employing a consultative approach, we make sure you get the best phone line deal that is tailored to your business requirements. We make it very easy and fast to transfer existing phone line services or install news, without disrupting your business operations. All our calling features are designed to make communication very easy within and outside your business environment for only a fraction of your total cost.

       You can start enjoying any of our exclusive services by getting in touch with us today. The only thing you will need to do is to contact or request to be contacted by our customer service team and just forward your details for us to place your order. Our expert customer representatives can visit your offices if you wish in order to listen to your needs and give you the perfect package which will suit your business, whether it’s an analogue line or a multi-site solution. In the end, you have to option of choosing from the most affordable tariff plans that deliver the very best savings on local, national and international calls without any compromise to call quality. For professional solutions, choose DIGICOM Telecom.

DIGICOM Difference

  • High quality service
  • All calls answered
  • Local telecom supplier
  • Invested in own infrastructure
  • Our own engineers

Why choose us?

  • Average savings of up to 40% when switching to DIGICOM
  • Uninterrupted service
  • Lower call charges (£14.99)
  • Improved call quality (the best!)
  • Less administrative expenses
  • Passionate customer care service
  • Empower your staff with ‘one number anywhere’
  • No hidden costs