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About Digicom.. Who we are ?

Digicom Telecom is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Digicom supplies phone lines, calls and broadband to all size businesses. Our products are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Digicom’s packages are designed specifically for UK from small to large businesses. Digicom’s quality of service is among the highest in the telecom industry, which is why we are one of the UK's fastest growing telecoms companies, providing reliable, low-cost business systems, business calls/lines and business broadband.We are experts in the supply and installation of small to large size business phone systems with customers right across the UK.
If you're just starting up or looking to change providers then find out what Digicom Telecom can offer your business among Phone systems, calls, lines and broadband packages.

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- First to market advantage across the UK
- Unified services and customer handling across the whole service area
- Extensive geographical coverage
- Premium quality telecommunication solutions
- Fast, flexible and on-time delivery
- Tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions
- Proven Management Team
- Full service portfolio
- Guaranteed SLA-s
- Local experts and dedicated staff
- Centralised end-to-end network management
- Trustworthy and reliable attitude: delivering on commitment


Exceeding our customers’ expectations by delivering high quality, reliable and flexible telecommunication solutions nation wide.